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brewed by a craft microbrewery,
for tripels beers connoisseurs.
⛲ Fontaine du Cracheur, Brussels, 1704.

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Black Belgian

Just Incredibly Tasty.

The legend

It's has been a long story. In the 16th century, the Renaissance was the golden age of brewers.

Le Cracheur fountain (also known as Den Spauwer in Dutch) is a high-speed drinking water fountain located at the corner of rue des Pierres and rue du Marché au Charbon (corner of Steenstraat and Kolenmarkt), in the center of Brussels.

It was inaugurated in 1704, but the name of the sculptor remains unknown.

Le Cracheur/Den Spauwer was protected in 2002.

100% Natural and eco-responsible beer 🍃

We favor local distribution channels. Malts, hops and yeasts are 100% natural. No chemicals are used during brewing.
Our brewers share the passion and love of the product. We are looking to intelligently measure and rethink our products to reduce their ecological impact. All our recipes are hand-fermented in the bottle.

Our Beer

Can you handle it?

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Special Strong Beer Available in few locations around Grand-Place

Available near Brussels Grand-Place. Take away on appointment. We do do not ship.

Black Begian 9 Special XXX dark beer

Our classic black beer is one for the connoisseurs. Full bodied and smooth with spices (cumin, Red hot chili peppers) and hops and roast flavours from the hefty 6-malt base.

AROMACumin, Red hot chili peppers
TASTESmooth & Full Bodied
PERFECT WITHBelgian chocolate*.

* Please, prefer Marcolini, Neuhaus or Frederic Blondeel.

ALCOOL 9.5% Vol.

allergens - barley & wheat

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